HP Interested In Enterprise Level Windows 8 Tablets

win8hpRemember back around September when HP announced that because of their massive failure with the HP Touchpad and WebOS products in general, they would be leaving the consumer tablet market? Well that’s still true, but they are interested in developing some Windows 8 tablets aimed at the business market.Windows 8 is certainly a promising operating system for both business and consumer markets, it will allow immensely versatile interaction that we’ve never really seen before. A touch utilized interface (Metro UI) as well as the full Windows experience for laptop/desktop level programs. It’s an area that could be really rewarding for users if manufacturers are able to provide a good experience.

So HP, I don’t want to see any of that blind development and production with no thought about competing products that you showed off all too well with the HP Touchpad. I want to see some competitive and well designed products. Make it happen.

Source: [C|net]

Miles Reiter started VR-Dwellers Blog in December of 2009, it took until May 2011 to make the jump to becoming a serious, daily tech news blog. Miles is interested in basically any technology you put in front of him, on a screen or otherwise, which is probably the reason he spends so much time browsing the web for interesting stuff to put on the blog. He's also in a never-ending battle to get the rest of the VRD Staff to write more articles.

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