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Asus PadFone Promo Video Released

The PadFone has certainly spent it’s fair share of time in a developmental phase of some sort, but it looks like we’re finally coming up on a solid release date being shared pretty soon. Today Asus released a promo video,

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Asus Manufactured “Nexus Tablet” To Hit a $149 Price Point?

Rumors of a Nexus / Google Experience tablet have been floating around since CES this year, and until now they haven’t really sounded very interesting. Before the current rumor Nexus tablet would essentially need to fulfill the criteria of being

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Asus Rolls Out A Spree of Teaser Videos, Points to Padfone?

The last good teaser video that I covered was all the way back at CES and for the HP Spectre. Well, Asus has just released three of their own for a product(s) that will be announced at MWC in a

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ICS Upgrade For Asus Transformer Delayed Again?

Last week Asus Announced (via Facebook) that they wouldn’t be meeting the early February promise for Ice Cream Sandwich on the original Transformer. Instead it’s been pushed back to “Feb/March 2012 period”. While it still could happen this month the

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Limited Availability To Be A Problem With Transformer Prime?

If you think back to earlier this year you might recall that the first gen Asus Eee Pad Transformer had some issues getting out the door quickly. They at the “limited availability” phase for months before you could reliably order

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Confirmed To Ship December 19th

Today Asus announced the their new top of the line tablet, the Transformer Prime, will ship in North America on December 19th. Just in time for fevered last minute shopping from all those people buying it as a present for

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