WWDC Apple Keynote: The Big Stuff

This year’s Apple keynote featured some pretty cool new tech, but before you jump after the break to read all about it, what was the tech? We saw a refreshed incremental upgrade to the MacBook Pro and Air lines, but also a completely new “Next Generation MacBook Pro”. We got some definites about OS X Mountain Lion, and lastly, a detailed overview of the upcoming iOS 6. No iPhone 5 announcements, but the new MacBook Pro is more than enough to keep us busy with until August or October when it’ll be showtime for the iPhone. Continue reading “WWDC Apple Keynote: The Big Stuff”

Chameleon Launcher, A Kickstarter Project For Android

chameleon-launcherDespite Honeycomb tablets having been around for over a year now, we’re only recently starting to see some real innovation with home screen launchers, features that really bring something new to the table, or even just a better way of doing the same things. Chameleon aims to change that, jump after the break for a description of what exactly it is. Continue reading “Chameleon Launcher, A Kickstarter Project For Android”

Valve Developing “Easy To Use” Puzzle Maker DLC For Portal 2

portal-2-puzzle-makerA while back Valve released all the complex development and modding tools for Portal 2, it was cool but it certainly wasn’t anything even remotely close to what the average gamer can figure out how to use effectively. The upcoming Portal 2 Puzzle Maker DLC aims to fix that, to create an easy to use interface for creating levels and puzzles. If they pull it off well it’ll be a first for this type of game. Right now it’s set to be released on Steam sometime in May. Check back then for our full take on it, and jump after the break to check out the press release.

Continue reading “Valve Developing “Easy To Use” Puzzle Maker DLC For Portal 2”

Google Drive: Available Now

We’ve been waiting on Google Drive for around a year now, a service that would bring some competition to services like Dropbox, but more importantly, bring additional functionality to Google’s services. When you activate your Google Drive account you’ll get 5 GB’s of storage. We’ll post an overview later today once we get a chance to try out the various features of Google Drive. Source: … Continue reading Google Drive: Available Now

Sunaeon Offers Up Excellent Online Solar System Model

Space simulations are always cool, and this one from Sunaeon is no exception. It’s a high-res model (to scale or for demonstration proposes) of the solar system. You can mess with time, all the way from 1 hour per second to 10 years to see full orbits in a manner of seconds. It’s not as versatile a tool as offerings like Universe Sandbox, but it’s … Continue reading Sunaeon Offers Up Excellent Online Solar System Model