HTC Endeavor C2 To Succeed The One X?

HTC-One-X-2The introduction of the One Series lineup earlier this year was a chance for HTC to end the constant churnout of phones that had been going on, a chance to focus on quality rather than quantity. The One Series, especially the One X, certainly achieved that quality. However with the recent leak of the Endeavor C2 it looks like they might have decided to throw that whole “year long flagship device” thing out the window. Now before you jump after the break let me make this clear, this is going to be an information post, because of this site’s goal to publish tech news, but I’m not going to miss the opportunity to rant at HTC a bit for what might pollute the One Series. Let’s call it, an “InfoRant”.

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Editorial: The HTC Sense 4.0 “Multitasking” Issue

Back in 2011 it seemed to get hard to go even a few weeks without seeing an announcement about some HTC phone that had just been announced. The company was just pushing out tons of handsets, in itself not necessarily a bad thing. However there was something missing, none of them really had the same impact or care of design that past flagship devices like the Evo 4G had, it was just more and more of the same. Fast forward to earlier this year, and HTC seems to agree. They announce the HTC One lineup consisting of three phones that clearly show that HTC cares about the user experience. The hardware design was brilliant, the performance was snappy, the camera tech was impressive, it seemed like HTC had finally figured it all out. Apart from one thing, multitasking. Continue reading “Editorial: The HTC Sense 4.0 “Multitasking” Issue”

[Breaking] Google Says Galaxy Nexus Will Start Shipping Again Next Week

Since Judge Koh ruled against Samsung in their lawsuit with Apple last week, The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been prevented from shipping. The major tech news outlets had guessed that this meant we’d see Google pushing out an OTA update with a changelog that tweaked things enough to avoid the Apple patents in question. It’s doubtful that they’ll be rolling out the official Jelly Bean … Continue reading [Breaking] Google Says Galaxy Nexus Will Start Shipping Again Next Week

Judge Granted Apple A Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Nexus

As of today, Apple’s request for an injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from earlier this year has been granted by Judge Lucy Koh. Now, before I launch off into a rant about this after the break, it’s important to give a bit of context for my main argument. Last week Judge Posner made a ruling in the Apple vs Motorola case that since neither company could prove damages resulting from patent violations, there were no grounds for any kind of injunction, basically telling both parties to stop hogging the courts with petty litigation. Many had hoped that this would set a norm for patent cases, but this weeks’ ruling in the Apple vs Samsung case is proving otherwise. Jump after the break for the full story, and why I believe that the ruling is ridiculous.  Continue reading “Judge Granted Apple A Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy Nexus”

Sharp To Debut “Feel UX” Android Skin This Summer


It’s easy to always dismiss manufacturer UI’s for Android as fragmenting or taking away from the experience, but it has to be admitted that certain of them do things well, and sometimes in a way that actually improves over stock Android. It looks like that’s exactly what Sharp and Frog (design firm) have done here with Feel UX. Jump after the break for a video walkthrough.

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